What To Do with Stump Grindings: Top Ideas

We all love to have healthy and green trees in our backyard. Unfortunately, some of them might fall and require proper removal due to age or disease. In addition, removing trees from your garden might leave you with unsightly tree stumps.

While some people try to incorporate the stump into your landscape, others want to remove it entirely. The best way to remove a stump from your lawn is to use a stump grinder or a powerful tool that grinds stumps into chips.

What to do with stump grindings? Are there any ways you can use them? The stump grinding experts in Alexandria, VA, are here to share with you some exciting ideas for how to put wood chips into good use.

What To Do with Stump Grindings

Grinding the tree stumps is only a part of the process. Once you finish with the stump grinder, you’ll have a bare patch of ground and a large pile of grindings. This is where the fun starts, and you can focus on making your lawn look great again.

Here are some interesting ideas to consider.

Use The Grindings as Mulch

One answer for what to do with stump grindings is to use them as mulch. However, before you do anything, ensure the tree (the grindings came from) doesn’t have any diseases.

The first thing you need to do is remove the grindings from the initial spot to another area of your lawn. It is best to spread the chips in a one-inch layer over the soil or to flower beds. It will give the grindings a chance to maximize the soil nutrients and enhance the environment for other plants in your garden.

Use The Grindings as Compost

Another way to use the leftover grindings is as a natural fertilizer. For example, you can compost ingredients to fertilize and enhance the soil.

You need a small container to compost the grindings, organic waste from your kitchen (fruit or vegetable peels), and garden waste.

Stir the ingredients until the grindings decompose. Then, use the mixture to enrich the soil in your grass or flowers.

Fill In Stump Hole

If you don’t have time to make compost or spread mulch around your lawn, a simple use for your grindings is to fill in the hole you’ve created. You need topsoil, with which you can fill in the hole left by the stump.

Contact Dos Amigos Tree Experts

Stump removal might seem like a quick and easy process, but it is expensive to rent the necessary equipment. Besides, you’ll need previous experience to operate with the tools, or you might experience property damage or improper removal.

Now that you know what to do with stump grindings, it is better to trust the tree removal professionals in Alexandria, VA, to complete the removal process for you. We have the tools, skills, and knowledge to safely remove the stump from your property and leave you with a pile of grindings you can further use to fertilize your lawn.

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