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Tree Planting in Alexandria, VA

Tree planting in Alexandria, VA, isn’t as simple as it seems. You might think an adorable, blossoming sapling would look perfect in the center of your sunny yard. However, it might need more shade and fail to thrive as your lawn’s centerpiece. 

Let the certified arborists at Dos Amigos Tree Experts assist you in your landscape installation endeavors through professional tree planting services. 

Why Let Professionals Select and Plant Your Trees?

Tree and plant installations do more than beautify your property. They also diversify local wildlife and prevent soil erosion. Your family members can enjoy vibrant growth in spring or cool shade in summer. 

However, planting a tree in an inadequate spot can significantly damage its health. Young trees, called saplings, need conditions conducive to continuous growth and strength. Otherwise, your favorite new trees might suffer from:

  • Too much or too little sunlight
  • Excess or inadequate rainfall
  • Weak roots, trunks, or limbs
  • Malnourishment from soil deficiencies

Every tree species has different needs for optimal growth. Our professional tree planting in Alexandria, VA, gives them a fantastic start. 

The Perks of Professional Tree Planting in Alexandria, VA

When you work with our tree service, you’ll ensure that your trees:

  • Are planted in optimal conditions. We know trees backward and forward. We’ll choose the perfect spot to dig a hole for the new sapling. 
  • Have the nutrients they need to flourish. We test the soil and craft custom fertilizers for trees in all life stages. 
  • Get enough water to thrive. Our arborists will instruct you on how to water your tree throughout its growth stages. 
  • Can mature into healthy, attractive landscape features. Few things enrich a property quite like a well-placed, impeccably attended tree. 

All trees need adequate tree care. However, saplings are the most vulnerable of all. When you invest in a blossoming young tree, protect it with advice from our professionals. 

Determining the Cost of Choosing and Planting New Trees

How much should you budget for tree planting services? The final cost typically depends on factors like:

  • Overall size: Trees vary in height, width, and weight. Larger trees require more manpower and equipment to safely transport and plant them. 
  • Species: Some tree species are more sensitive than others. They may require extra care to prevent shock, trauma, or injury. 
  • Growth needs: Sometimes, an optimal planting spot on your property lacks enough nutrients. Other times, we have to dig a bigger hole to accommodate the root ball. 
  • Transportation logistics: We can transport most saplings in the back of a pickup truck. However, we sometimes encounter travel situations that might require other equipment. 

Our team will give you an estimate before embarking on the service. 

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