Residential Crepe Myrtle Tree Pruning Case Study in Alexandria, VA

Residential Crepe Myrtle Tree Pruning Case Study in Alexandria, VA

by | Mar 11, 2024

When nature took its course, growing lush vegetation, a residential homeowner quickly realized it was time to schedule another expert tree trimming session in Alexandria, VA. Dos Amigos Tree Experts arrived on the spot, ready to tackle the 15-foot Crepe Myrtle in dire need of tree pruning. With the right equipment it only took one stellar arborist to take on the project. 

  • Client Profile: Residential
  • Location: Alexandria, VA
  • Type of Service: Tree Pruning
  • Tree Type: Crepe Myrtle
  • Tree Size: 15ft tall
  • Equipment/Products Used: One-Man Crew
  • Service Frequency: Two times per year
  • Season: Crepe Myrtle dormant season pruning. One of the most popular ornamental trees in the South – pruning in winter won’t reduce blooming; it may increase it.
  • Specific Challenges:
  • Additional Services: Total Job Cleanup
  • Client Preferences: Wants to prune to increase blooming in Spring

Client’s Desire for Better Blooms in the Spring

A regular client who makes semi-annual canopy management appointments reached out again to Dos Amigos Tree Experts in Alexandria, VA, for assistance with a large 15-foot tall Crepe Myrtle. Since this type of tree is dormant in the winter, expert tree trimming allows it to bloom more once spring rolls around. 

The client wanted the team to encourage lush growth and flowering with this process before performing a total job cleanup. 

Bringing the Client’s Goal to Fruition 

Dos Amigos Tree Experts sent out a one-man crew to examine the tree for any diseased, dying, or dead branches. With a rigging system and climber, the arborist carefully cut those limbs to avoid bad pruning cuts and so infections wouldn’t spread to other parts of the tree and nearby greenery. The specialist also removed broken branches for better aesthetics before conducting professional tree shaping to smooth out a rough canopy outline.

After precision pruning services, the arborist raked up the fallen leaves, limbs, and other loose foliage to leave the client with a spotless yard as per the total job cleanup guarantee. 

Tree Pruning in Alexandria, VA

Tree Pruning in Alexandria, VA

Tree pruning is a sensitive procedure that affects the health and appeal of each tree on the client’s property. As expected, Dos Amigos Tree Experts ensured the tree pruning session in Alexandria, VA, went smoothly with a skilled arborist pruning according to industry standards. 

Because of the dedication to precise and careful branch pruning with top-tier tools and equipment, the specialist cleaned up the ornamental tree and the area around it according to the client’s goals for 100% satisfaction. 

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