What You Should Do Before and After Tree Removal

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, an excellent tree stump removal service in Alexandria, VA, may come in handy.

There are several reasons to remove trees, whether your tree is diseased, damaged, or just an old tree getting too big for its britches.

It’s essential  to know what to do before and after tree removal to ensure a smooth process. This blog post outlines some of the steps you should take before and after your tree removal job.

Before Tree Removal

Knowing what to do before and after tree removal can streamline the process and protect your property. If your tree is dying, diseased, or dead, it’s best to remove it as soon as possible. When left unattended for too long, these trees can cause damage to other plants or structures in your yard.

To prepare for tree removal:

1.  Have an Arborist Look at Your Tree

They can determine what type of tree removal is necessary and how to go about it.

2.  Check Your Local Ordinances.

If your city has rules about removing trees on private property, make sure you know what they are before hiring a company for this service. Some cities may require written permission from the property owner before removing mature trees from private property while others may require a permit from the city council before doing so.  Others may have rules about how many trees you can remove at one time without requiring special permission from local authorities first (or at all).

3.  Make Sure You Have Insurance

This will help cover any damages that occur during the tree removal process.

4.  Get Written Estimates

Get written estimates from several tree care companies before choosing one so that you can compare prices and services.

5.  Tell Your Neighbors About the Tree Removal

Don’t forget to notify your neighbor so they don’t suddenly walk out into their yard and find themselves face-to-face with a chainsaw!

6.  Remove Damaged or Dead Branches

If you have any broken branches, diseased lateral branches, or an inflamed branch collar on your tree, it is best to remove them before the tree removal begins.

7.  Clear Any Loose Debris from the Ground Level Around the Tree’s Base.

This will allow for better access when removing it from its original location.

8.  Trim Nearby Shrubbery

Cut back any nearby plants to prevent damage when the tree comes down.

9.  Get Rid of Decorations

Remove any Christmas lights or decorations from nearby branches to prepare for the removal service.

After Tree Removal

After a successful tree removal, follow these essential steps:

1.  Measure the Amount of Leftover Debris

This will help estimate how much it will cost to dispose of it properly.

2.  Ensure All Debris Is Cleaned Up

This could mean anything from sawdust on the ground to branches lying around.

3.  Stump Removal

 If you don’t want to keep the stump, arrange for your tree removal expert to come back for professional stump grinding services.

4.  Fill the Hole

After removing the stump, you must arrange to fill in the hole where the tree once stood. One of the best options is to grow a lawn where the tree stump was.

Professional Alexandria Tree Removal Expert at Your Service

Knowing what to do before and after tree removal doesn’t have to be complicated. At Dos Amigos Tree Experts, we have a professional team with years of experience that will be able to perform any tree removal from your property with confidence and professionalism.

Get a free estimate from us today. Call (703) 300-6103 to speak to our team of arborists and learn more about our tree removal service. We will be more than happy to help!

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