Can You Plant a Tree Where a Stump Was Removed in Reston, VA?

If you’ve enjoyed your lawn for a long time, you’ve no doubt run into an old stump that looks like a nice place to set up a new tree. What are the implications of planting a new tree where one has fallen down? Can you plant a tree where a stump was removed? 

Dos Amigos Tree Service, the best tree service contractor in Reston, VA, explains everything you need to know about tree growth after stump removal below. 

Three Things To Consider When Planting Trees After Stump Removal

When you’re ready to plant that new tree in place of the old stump, you should know the basic precautions. For example, the initial stages of your tree planting will be the most dangerous time for a newly planted tree facing transplant shock. It only has so many resources it can use to recover, so consider the following before you replant on a tree stump site:

#1 The Stump

If you want to feel happier about the state of your garden as it changes shape, planting in tree stump areas is inevitable. However, to put a new tree in stump sites means removing the initial remnants of the old specimen first. 

Typically, this removal process involves stump grinding, which is a practice arborists undertake so that you can use the ground later for planting. While grinding down the stump doesn’t take care of the roots, it’s okay for planting flowers or even lawns. If you want a complete break, get a good arborist company like Dos Amigos Tree Service to come and grind the stump into nothing for you so that it is easier to dig in your new tree.

#2 Hidden Roots

The next thing you should understand about tree planting in former stump spaces is the roots below ground. Trees compete for space. 

Are old roots a problem for new tree roots? Yes, so if you want your new tree to have a fair chance, it is better to remove all roots from the area before you plant.

#3 Nutrient Intake

Can you plant a tree where a stump was removed? You can, but it depends on how long you want to start growing trees after stump removal. 

For instance, there may be issues with the soil because trees take up nutrients. If you’re going ahead with new tree planting, consider fertilizer so that it has enough resources and not just an old tree’s leftovers. 

Did the old tree have any diseases? Pathogens or fungi could be waiting in the soil for your newcomer. Why not have an arborist evaluate your soil first?

Does the Tree Species Matter?

Depending on what you planted in this spot before, it may or may not be habitable for the next tree species. What species of tree did you plant there before? It didn’t go well, which is why it’s now a stump.

If your old plant died from poor health, drought stress, or close proximity to surrounding trees, weigh the decision of species carefully before putting another tree in the ground.

Work With Dos Amigos Tree Service for Expert Tree Advice

Can you plant a tree where a stump was removed? Whether you need to remove a stump, plant a new tree, or learn how long it takes for tree limbs to grow back, Dos Amigos Tree Service can help with all of your planting and replanting needs. Our specialties include:

  • Stump removal.
  • Tree removal.
  • Emergency tree services and removal.

When it comes to planting a brand-new tree, don’t take chances–call Dos Amigos Tree Service’s experts at 703-300-6103 today.

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