Prepare Your Yard For The Summer By Removing Tree Stumps

Now that the weather is finally warming up, it’s time to start thinking about getting your yard ready for summer. Removing tree stumps is one of the essential things to do. Besides taking up valuable space, tree stumps can be dangerous if left untended. 

Read on to learn more about stump removal in summer and how to benefit from effective tree stump removal by Dos Amigos Tree Service in Alexandria, VA

Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding is among the quickest and most effective techniques to ensure permanent stump removal. It involves destroying the entire stump and root system using a stump grinding machine. The machine grinds the material to about one foot below the ground.

Stump grinding is often straightforward, but you should consider several factors before starting. Microorganisms in the soil beneath the stump may have consumed all of the nitrogen in that available space, meaning anything planted there would starve. If you want to plant grass or flowers where the stump was, it will take time and the addition of nitrogen to the soil. 

You should also consider the wood chips that result from the grinding. You can use them as mulch or pathway material. The chippings decompose over time, enriching your soil with nutrients, but they can kill live plants. 

It is worth noting that grinding may not be effective for large trees with extensive lateral roots. It will destroy the tree system. If you have larger stumps, a tree removal professional will advise you on the best removal technique. 

Debris Removal

After removing tree stumps, you want to ensure your yard is clean and safe for summer activities. You must clean out all the debris left in the stump hole. 

Start by clearing all the stones, branches, chips, and sawdust from the hole. A pitchfork or rake will do an excellent job. You can use a hatchet or clipper to eliminate exposed tree roots. 

Soil Addition

Once you remove the unwanted debris, you can fill the stump hole with high-quality topsoil halfway through. Use a hammerhead, foot, or handkerchief to pack it before filling it up and repeating the process. 

Once the surface is smooth, rake it to create a natural look. Ensure the ground is about an inch higher than the surrounding surface to promote a natural settlement.

New Tree Plantation 

You may decide to replace the tree stump with a new tree, vegetable garden, or floral bed to enhance your yard’s visual appeal. You want your family and friends to enjoy a beautiful lawn during the warm summer. 

Avoid Using Stump Killer

You may think of applying stump killer because stump grinders can be expensive. However, using stump killer in the early summer when the sap is rising is not advisable. It can prevent the stump from sprouting new growth and lead to rotting. 

The stump may also take several years to rot away with stump killer, and you will have to contend with insect infestations during the process. 

Stump Removal Cost

The cost of removing tree stumps varies depending on the size and location of the stump. Since larger trees require more resources to remove, and so are often more expensive. Stump removal in big cities is generally more expensive than in smaller towns due to higher materials and labor costs. 

You may consider removing tree stumps yourself to save money. However, proper equipment and technique are essential for safe and effective stump removal. Therefore, hiring a certified stump removal expert is critical. 

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