Tree Storm Preparation: How To Protect Your New Trees

Most Virginia residents want to keep their trees in pristine condition to maintain their property’s curbside appeal. However, preserving your trees during turbulent storms and extreme weather isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Dos Amigos Tree Experts is here to teach you some tree storm preparation tips that will keep your trees looking their best no matter the outside weather.

Dos Amigos Tree Experts is one of Falls Church, VA’s most trusted tree service companies. Our experienced arborists can handle everything from routine tree trimming to large tree removal and everything in between at a price that won’t break the bank. If you need a reliable tree service company in Falls, Church, VA, that always has your best interests in mind, contact Dos Amigos Tree Experts.

Tree Storm Preparation Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

It’s no secret that severe storms can take a toll on your trees. The harsh winds and heavy rain can have numerous adverse effects on trees, transforming once beautiful trees into barren pieces of wood and bark. However, following the tree storm preparation tips below will keep your trees in tip-top shape during Virginia’s tumultuous hurricane season.

1. Prune Regularly

Pruning and crown thinning allow air to flow through treetops more freely, diminishing the chances of harsh wind gusts blowing the entire tree over. It also takes the excess weight off the truck, allowing it to support the tree more efficiently. Removing weak or dead branches will allow sunlight to reach internal limbs and improve the tree’s overall health.

It’s best to hire a professional tree service like Dos Amigos Tree Experts during late fall or early spring. This will ensure your trees can withstand mother nature’s wrath and stay healthy year-round.

2. Remove Stakes from Younger Trees As Soon As Possible

Stakes provide support for young trees while they grow robust limbs and root systems. However, staking trees too long often results in weaker, less flexible branches and roots.

 Wind helps build strength within your trees and allows them to withstand turbulent weather. Excessive staking leads to weak branches, roots, and trunks, reducing the tree’s integrity. Always remove tree stakes as soon as the tree can support itself in windy conditions.

3. Keep Trees Away from Your Home and Active Power Lines

Planting trees too close to your home or active power lines creates several potential hazards that put you and your property at risk. Strong winds can push trees into power lines, causing severe damage to the tree, your property, and the surrounding area. They can also cause the tree to fall onto your home, jeopardizing your family’s well-being.

Planting trees in open areas will reduce potentially hazardous situations during turbulent weather. Although some trees will still suffer slight storm damage in harsh rainstorms, they won’t fall on power lines or your residence, keeping you and your family safe in torrential downpours.

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Dos Amigos Tree Experts is Falls Church’s go-to choice for professional tree services. Our tree storm preparation service will keep your trees safe and sound during harsh storms without diminishing their visual appeal. If you want your trees to look the best they can be without exceeding your budget, contact Dos Amigos Tree Experts for all your tree service needs.

Whether you need professional tree trimming or want to learn more about tree removal services, Dos Amigos Tree Experts is here to help.

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