What Does Google Guaranteed Mean for a Tree Service Company?

If you’re like most of us, you probably rely on Google searches to find what you’re looking for, especially when it comes to finding a company that provides home care services. But how do you really know which company is the best? If there was only a way you could know ahead of time that you’d be satisfied with a company’s professional services. That’s exactly what the Google Guarantee is for. You may be wondering “what does Google Guaranteed mean, and what sets a Google Guaranteed company apart from everyone else?”

As a reliable tree company in Falls Church, VA, that’s also Google Guaranteed, our team Dos Amigos Tree Experts provides vetted and guaranteed tree services. We put together this guide to explain everything you need to know about Google Guaranteed and what it means for tree service companies.

What Does Google Guaranteed Mean?

You can tell a company is Google Guaranteed by the green badge next to their name. This badge means that the business has passed a Google screening and verification process. In order to qualify for the Google Guarantee, a business must also meet Google’s qualification guidelines through the Google Local Services Ads program.

If a customer is not happy with the work of a Google Guaranteed company, Google could reimburse the customer up to the amount paid for the initial services.

What Are the Benefits of Being Google Guaranteed?

Aside from the Google badge next to the company’s name, there are a few advantages to being a Google Guaranteed business.

  • Give customers reassurance: A Google Guarantee will let potential customers know that the business is a reliable company they can trust. With so many companies out there providing similar services, the Google Guarantee gives customers a little peace of mind through that decision-making process.
  • Take the business to the top: When a company is Google Guaranteed, ads are displayed at the very top of Google’s search results, even above the sponsored links.
  • Attract new customers: With that type of exposure and a name like Google backing up a company, the business will experience exponential growth and ultimately help more people that otherwise would not have heard about the business.

What Is the Google Guarantee Approval Process for Tree Servicing Companies?

Google added tree services to the list of services that are eligible for the Google Guarantee. The process of approval consists of the following:

  • Personal background checks: During the screening process, Google requires extensive background checks on the business, the owner, and all service professionals.
  • Business status checks: Companies must provide proof of the business license along with any other necessary paperwork having to do with the business itself.
  • General license checks: Google checks that the business is insured and licensed to perform tree care services in the business’s location.
  • Customer satisfaction checks: Google takes an extensive look into customer reviews to know what the customers say about the work the company does. This helps Google determine whether a company is a reliable, trustworthy company to partner with.

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