How to Save a Tree With Damaged Bark

Learning how to save a tree with damaged bark is essential and goes a long way in ensuring its long-term survival. Fortunately, you can find several ways to mend damaged tree trunks.

Read on to learn how to tend to a tree with damaged bark and when to turn to Falls Church’s professional tree service for assistance.

Saving a Tree With Damaged Bark

Unlike human beings, trees cannot heal. Instead, they repair damage by sealing the wound with callus tissue. Doing so isolates and shields the wound from further damage.

Unfortunately, the torn bark can hinder the tree’s recovery attempts. This ragged bark tends to continue ripping, causing further damage.

Removing it and placing wound dressings can help hasten the tree’s healing process.

When learning how to save a tree with damaged bark, begin by assessing the damage and determining the severity of the injury. Though still possible, saving your tree will be more challenging if the damage covers more than 25% of the bark.

Below we discuss some methods to consider when saving a tree with damaged bark.

Reattaching the Bark

The first method involves reattaching the scaled bark to the tree trunk. You can easily do this as it only requires fresh water and duct tape.

To reattach the bark:

  • Start by cleaning the wound with fresh water
  • Collect the bark pieces
  • Fit them onto the tree
  • Secure them by wrapping duct tape around the trunk

The Bark Tracing Method

This process involves removing the ragged bark around the tree’s wound, creating a smooth rim. To do so, you’ll need a chisel and hammer.

Begin by cutting the jagged bark using the chisel and hammer, taking extra care not to chisel into the tree’s wound. After, remove the loose bark around the wound.

The Bridge Grafting Method

Bridge grafting involves creating a graft that acts as a bridge between the tree’s roots and leaves. The bridge aims to re-establish the exchange of nutrients between the tree’s roots and leaves.

Though you can’t guarantee that this will work, this method gives your tree a chance to recover from severe damage. It only requires a sharp knife and branches.

Start by cleaning the wound and removing all uneven edges. Next, select healthy branches one to three inches longer than the wound’s width and no larger than your thumb’s diameter.

Using your knife, trim one side of the branch until you can flatten it against the trunk. After, cut the other side to create a wedge. Once you complete this step, you’ll need to create flaps in the bark to receive the bridges.

To do so, cut two parallel lines, starting at the wound, and then carefully insert the branches under the flaps.

You’ll know the bridge works when your tree sprouts new leaves and its canopy grows back.

Things To Avoid

When treating damaged bark, you need to avoid a few things, such as:

  • Never use tree paint
  • Don’t clean the debris you find inside a cavity wound
  • Never use sealants

Professional Tree Service in Falls Church, VA

Though you can learn how to save a tree with damaged bark, some cases will require professional assistance. Fortunately, Dos Amigos Tree Experts is always on hand to offer you the solutions needed to ensure your tree’s lasting survival. We offer a comprehensive range of tree care services at competitive prices.

We also have plenty of resources to help you learn more about caring for your trees, including how to repair broken branches or apply mulch around trees.

Contact Dos Amigos Tree Experts at (703) 300-6103 for quality tree care services in Falls Church, VA.

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