Can Peat Moss Be Used as Mulch?

Since it first became available to gardeners in the mid-20th century, peat moss has revolutionized the agricultural industry. It’s easily available at most garden stores and boasts an extensive list of benefits and applications. But can peat moss be used as mulch just as it is?

Keep reading to explore the peat moss phenomena, its uses, and more, as highlighted by the top-rated mulching service in Alexandria, VA, by Dos Amigos Tree Experts.

What is Peat Moss?  

As a non-descript organic concoction, peat moss is dark brown and made of dead material typically used as a planting medium. The bulk of peat moss comes from peat bogs, which form as organic materials partially decompose over long periods. And most peat moss products in the United States hail from peat bogs in Canada.

The Many Uses of Peat Moss

Did you know that peat moss is readily available, moisture retentive, acidic, and lightweight? That’s why it has plenty of uses in the garden, including the following:  

Soil Amendment

Despite its lack of nutrients, peat moss can improve soil structure. It also works effectively as an amendment or ingredient in potting soil and improves drainage and aeration when mixed into clay soil. If you want to boost water retention in fast-draining soils, peat moss is a great choice.

However, since peat moss won’t break down or compact easily, a single application lasts for several years. Another advantage is that it doesn’t contain weed seeds or harmful microorganisms typically found in poor-quality compost.

Seed Starting  

The lightweight and sterile qualities of peat moss make it ideal for seed starting. Germinating seeds will have an easy time pushing through it.  

Hydroponic Growing  

Hydroponic growing requires a suitable balance of aeration and moisture. When mixed with other growing media, like vermiculite, perlite, or coir, peat moss creates that balance.  

Plant Growing  

Peat moss helps acidic-loving plants, like blueberries and tomatoes, to thrive. For balance, it’s helpful to know that proper plant care and maintenance dictates adding lime to the soil if it becomes too acidic.

Difference Between Peat Moss and Mulch  

While people often confuse peat moss and mulch, the latter refers to any material used to cover the soil. That means anything, from pebbles and gravel to compost and shredded hardwood bark.

Mulch typically serves several functions, including suppressing weeds and slowing moisture evaporation from the soil surface. That said, can peat moss be used as mulch? Experts don’t recommend it for the following reasons:  

  • The highly acidic nature of peat moss makes it unsuitable for use as mulch around non-acid-loving plants. It would stress the plants.
  • Unlike organic mulches, peat moss doesn’t offer nutrition. It can aid nutrient availability, though.
  • Since peat moss is naturally dry and dusty, applying it as a top dressing (as you should do for mulch) exposes it to the wind, which will easily blow it away.  
  • Environmentally conscious gardeners consider peat moss a non-renewable resource, using it sparingly as needed.  
  • Peat moss fails at weed suppression, a primary reason for mulching.

Learn More From Local Tree Experts Today!

Peat moss remains a favorite for seed starting, but it doesn’t work well as mulch. If you need mulch for your garden, stick with compost, shredded fall leaves, pine straw, and cocoa bean, among others.

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Can peat moss be used as mulch in certain climates? What are the primary benefits of mulching for young trees? Find out more when you contact the licensed and insured team at Dos Amigos Tree Experts at (703) 300-6103 today!

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